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      Hello,Welcome to Changzhou Jiafu electric co.,LTD. Website!
      About Us

      Changzhou Jiafu electric co.,LTD.is located in Luoyang town, Wujin district, Changzhou city of Jiangsu province, the company was founded in 2011,is specialized in developing,manufacturing and selling motor stator and rotor Iamination.
      Company has research and development team...

      Technical team

      Company has more than 20 kinds of engineering and technical personnel,focus on technol-ogy research and new product development,can provide to meet customer requirements of new product solutions, presided over by a senior project manager in all types of new product

      Contact Us

      Changzhou Jiafu electric co.,LTD.
      Add.:No.1 JuYuan Road Industrial Zone Luoyang Town
      Contact:Mr. xie

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